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April 01, 2015

Ellen's Design Challenge at our School... or maybe just her inspiration!

SUPER EXCITED about my new Jr High Project!!  I'm an addicted HGTV chick... and fell in love with Ellen's Design Challenge.  So if you love art and you love furniture then why not do Art & Furniture!  :)
We have just started this project.  Our Ag teacher is helping me out...and my students are stoked!  These will either be amazing...  or perfect for a bonfire!  :)   

Partner writing and creating their RUBRIC for their project.  I gave each team the 5 categories.  They had to discuss and determine what criteria that must be met in order to score each area.  We had some great discussion.  I also liked how many of them reworked their sketches afterwards to amp up their designs.
  Next came the MANY SKETCHES.  Some had trouble deciding which design was the best.  We discussed how we all have strengths in the art room and use those strengths as skills to help each other.  

Finished priming and the building begins....  EXCITING TIMES!!

March 18, 2015

Pop Art vs Pop Up - Claes Oldenburg in REVERSE

 Mini Sculptures and the lesson plan that couldn't stop...

Step 1:  How it all began:  I'm at a new school without a Kiln and slim resources to boot.  So I ordered these tiny packets of sculpt it air dry clay...when I say tiny... think like a chewing gum packet.  Here is the link at DickBlick:  http://www.dickblick.com/products/sargent-art-sculpt-it-air-hardening-clay/

My plan was to think SMALL - actually more like TINY for my students to make their sculptures.  I love to tie artist and literature into my pieces so who else to do sculptures with than Claes Oldenburg!   That's where the idea came from creating Oldenburg sculptures in reverse...instead of giant POP ART sculptures...we made minis.

Step 2.  We did a little research on sculptures and Oldenburg.  I showed them a power point or 2 with various images of his work.  I merged and added to a some power points I found that I really liked and you can use it here:  http://www.authorstream.com/Presentation/huskeyj72501-2427133-mini-clay-sculptures-oldenburg-reverse/

Step 3:  What is POP ART?  My students kept thinking it meant "pop up" like a pop up book.  BOO... they are in Jr High.  So after 1000 discussions I decided to combine the 2 (pop art & pop up) into the piece.

Step 4:  Pop Art ideas and sketches...sky was the limit.

Step 5:  How to work the clay using additive, subtractive, slipping and scoring to create our mini sculptures.

Step 6:  How to make a Pop UP back ground... like a greeting card.  They had to decide what they would make pop out, if they needed anything popping out, etc.

Step 7:  Use their clay piece to scale their background designs (in colored pencil).

Step 8:  Acrylic painting & glazing

Step 7;  Writing our stories...  Can't Wait!

Their pieces are priceless!!

And the Oscar goes too...